About Us

Questech Unlimited started in 1998 as a one-man shop in Washington state. Over the next ten years by focusing on continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and the strategic use of technology, Questech has experienced rapid expansion. This expansion resulted in moving the company from a small shop to a 7500 square foot manufacturing facility. This continued growth prompted the purchasing and establishment of a 9800 square foot facility to keep up with demand.

Keys to Questech’s success

Questech’s engineering team has solved design challenges others had declared unsolvable. Engineering custom design, production, and ultra-complex components and products are our specialty.

The Questech team is highly experienced in CAD/CAM systems, design consultation, product information, tooling, project engineering, and business solutions.

We create and develop molds, dyes, models, elaborate tooling, and a wide variety of fast turn-around products.

The industry leader in pioneering inventive and progressive machining techniques, Questech is uniquely qualified to provide creative and innovative solutions for all of your manufacturing needs.

Strength in both engineering and manufacturing has earned Questech an enviable international reputation. One built on an unwavering commitment to the highest standards.

Put the Questech team to work for you!

Why We Are Different

Many companies leverage services of Questech Unlimited to significantly increase their business reliability and profitability. Our complete solution approach to servicing our clients has given us an edge that is hard to compete with.

From small quantity runs, entirely new designs, even mass production, we work with our clients through all aspects of the business to ensure they are both requesting and receiving complete and accurate production support. We will help with concept and design, making sure that the part is designed with efficient and economical production needs.

We then follow that with analyzing your cash flow for the job and part demand, to determine the appropriate batch size so you get the parts you need without carrying unnecessary inventory.

With every opportunity, Questech Unlimited strives to form long-term and profitable relationships with both the client and Questech alike.

Industries Served

Firmly rooted in the manufacturing industry, Questech services aerospace, recreational and competition watercraft, firearms, aftermarket automotive, lawn and garden, contractor machinery, sports and fitness, home appliance, electronics, military and defense, subsea oil drilling machinery and equipment, marine, filmmaking, and railroad machinery and equipment.

What Clients Are Saying

Once again Questech has performed above and beyond! I also want to thank for determining my batch sizes. It significantly helped my cash flow.


We can’t say enough about Questech. Their attention to detail found design errors our engineers missed. They helped us in redesign and actually made it less expensive to produce the parts. Not to mention saving us a very expensive rerun. Thanks Again!


Met the deadline, parts were amazing, will definitely set as the preferred vendor from now on. Great job Questech.