Engineering and Design

Whether you need simple machining or problem-solving engineering, Questech unlimited can turn your concept into reality. Give us an engineering challenge and we’ll find a solution that will exceed both your expectations and the capabilities of the competition. Because of Questech’s cutting-edge engineering capabilities, what started ten years ago as a small machine shop with one CNC high-speed machine has grown into a several machine operation with an international reputation for innovative excellence. Quality, price, and delivery are Questech’s commitments to you. We will get involved in your project in a collaborative engineering effort that will take your project to an end-point you hadn’t thought possible. Questech is committed to working with you to help you achieve both a superior product and an improved bottom-line. Whether your needs are simple or complex, Questech has the expertise to deliver low-cost, high-value, high-quality products on time.


Technical Consultation

In order to better serve our clients. We offer consultations services on the technical aspects of your product. We use state of the art equipment and software to provide the most accurate and detailed information to our clients. We take into account any and all specifications you have to meet. Then give you suggestions on what the best production process is to use. Our customers have found that this consult helped them minimize overall cost, maximize return, and increase the speed in which they both ordered and received their products.


Cash Flow Job Planning

Cash flow is one of the most important things you need to run your business. How important? Consider this: Lack of adequate cash flow is probably the single greatest reason businesses fail. Think of cash flow as your business oxygen, without it, your business will suffocate and die. We work with you to forecast your cash flow into the future on each job we produce. Couple this with adjusting the batch sizes and production run quantities; you are effectively minimizing your inventory and your outbound cash flow. This gives you the ability to really see where things are headed and make adjustments with time to spare.


Prototype Short Run

When you need prototyping, you need a company with precision, expertise, and confidentiality. Here at Questech, we embody all of these traits. Utilizing 3D CAD that you’ve created or we can create for you in our engineering department, we machine your prototypes on one of our computer controlled machining stations. We produce prototypes of any material requested. By providing effective prototyping services we find that we can streamline the production runs by optimizing the prototype for ongoing production.


Production & Manufacturing

Our production processes are an ever-evolving mix of technology, quality assurance, and material handling. In order to achieve constant improvement, we focus on TOC and lean manufacturing techniques. “Chief benefits of the lean model include efficient use of resources, rapid product development cycle, higher quality at lower cost, greater flexibility, and environmentally sustainable production.

Key lean principles are:

  • Perfect first-time quality through the quest for zero defects, revealing and solving problems at their ultimate source. Achieving higher quality and productivity simultaneously, teamwork, worker empowerment.
  • Waste minimization by removing all non-value added activities making the most efficient use of scarce resources (capital, people, space), just-in-time inventory, eliminating any safety nets.
  • Continuous improvement (reducing costs, improving quality, increasing productivity) through a dynamic process of change, simultaneous and integrated product/process development, rapid cycle time and time-to-market openness and information sharing.
  • Flexibility in producing different mixes or greater diversity of products quickly, without sacrificing efficiency at lower volumes of production, through rapid set-up and manufacturing at small lot sizes.
  • Long-term relationships between suppliers and primary producers (assemblers, system integrators) through collaborative risk-sharing, cost-sharing, and information-sharing arrangements.

The Lean Model stresses an evolutionary process of change and adaption, not an idealized technology-driven end state. A central organizing concept is a sustainable enterprise, where the corporation builds mutual-gain processes and relationships with its multiple stakeholders (labor-management, assembler-supplier, assembler-distributor-customer, company-shareholder, and company-government-society-environment).” – DAU